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Leaf Lamp: a center piece for the living space.

A sculptural piece that brings light to its surrounding space.

The rotating action of the light changes its brightness.

Material: Frosted glass and polished steel.

Brightness can be adjusted by pushing or pulling the light itself. The motion is natural, elegant and satisfying.

Steel encased glass gives the piece a modern and premium esthetic. The glass also creates a sense of depth, creating contrast against the cold and rigid steel.

See it in AR.

Function follows form:
from formal exploration to function application.

The project starts with form development without any context. This allows me to experiment with various forms and compositions.

Applying function: light.

The following is the concept development of how the initial forms can be turned into lights.

Refinement: form and interaction.

In the final few sketches, I focused on the slicing motion of the light, exploring its gesture and motion, while refining its form.